The purpose of this Integrative Psychotherapy is…

To Live Better

The purpose of this

Integrative Psychotherapy is…


Welcome to my practice! 

In this video you will get an understanding of: 

  • Who should have psychoanalysis and why?
  • What happens in a session? 
  • Online? Face to face?

WHY Psychoanalysis 🧐? 

As mental health and wellbeing gains much needed focus in the wider community it’s quite easy to feel a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information on different treatments and schools of thought on improving one’s mental health.

Here’s a great video introduction on Psychoanalysis and where it fits into the mental health and wellbeing puzzle.

What Our Clients Say

Specializing in Anxiety, Depression and Lack of Success


In order to do any new activity in life, we need to be able to tolerate a bit of anguish: every time I begin to write, to work, every time I have a new relationship, upon a test, when I develop a new idea, when I launch a business…

We need to learn to deal with anxiety, if we can not tolerate it, it becomes a symptom. We need to be able to be out of our comfort zone to achieve things in life.


Psychoanalytical treatment to overcome depression avoids emotional stress, physical wear and even financial stress not only of the patient but also of his/her family. 

Depression impacts mood with social consequences. Effects of depression should be carefully studied to understand the severity of the disease and how important it is its prevention.

As an example, today latest research shows the clear link between depression and cancer.

Lack of Success

The main cause of failure is… fear of success. This is a big topic, Freud wrote about it already in 1916:  “Those wrecked by success”. It sounds unbelievable, but for the human being is more difficult to tolerate success than failure. Failure is a punishment that calms down our unconscious guilt. ​

Why do we have the need to be punished? From the unconscious guilt we can only see his effects: the punishment, the failure.  Failure of many types: unhappy marriage, losing a job, getting sick, going bankrupt…

Psychosomatic Disorders

The impact of mental health on chronic disease is now quite well known. What si more: Not being able to deal with guilt an anxiety can lead to physical disease. How? Lets see some psychic structures that impact our body:

  • Cancer is preceded by depression
  • Chronic diseases (specially autoimmune) such as:  IBS, gastric ulcer, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia are preceded by anxiety neurosis. 

Psychoanalysis can help you be healthier because by treating depression and anxiety, you are less likely to develop these type of diseases. 

Psychoanalytical Coaching

Business struggle not with technical skills but with the idea of collaborating with others and accepting that others will benefit from our work.​

Unconscious bias, lack of motivation, problems  of communication, intolerance… and even throwing colleagues under the bus happen everyday. 

Psychoanalytical listening allows interpreting reality allowing self-knowledge and transformation. 

Obsessive – Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

The symptom is a way to process a desire the person can not tolerate. For that person, at that moment, the symptom is a solution. It is a way to position themselves in relation to their unconscious desire. ​

People suffering from OCD find pleasure in thinking.

The objective of the treatment is to understand the meaning of those obsessive symptoms, interpret them and  provide the patient with the tools to learn to joy in a different way. To put their energy in reality.