About me

I am Maria R. de Almeida. I became a psychoanalyst because Psychoanalysis changed my life. 

I did my personal analysis and my psychoanalytical training  in “Grupo Cero” School of Psychoanalysis (most important school of Psychoanalysis in Spain) where I continue my Continuous Professional Development as psychoanalyst:​

  • Undergoing personal analysis and clinical supervision 
  • Attending seminars (Freud, Lacan and Psychosomatic Medicine)
  • Attending and contributing to conferences and symposiums​

My continuous and permanent training, both in psychoanalysis and functional medicine (The School of Applied Functional Medicine) makes my patients feel that they are in the best hands, I truly take care for their mental health. I work with a team of psychosomatic medicine specialists, nutritionists, herbalists and fitness specialist when need it. 

Two things make me different from a “traditional” psychoanalyst. Firstly, my background: My path and working experience (both in start ups and in corporates) has enabled me to understand the challenges someone can face in their everyday life. Believe it or not, you can build everything: friends, a boyfriend, a job, health, a home… Everything in the human being is to be built. And in fact… you have to build it. Everything requires some working. Psychoanalysis helped me not only to understand that but also through all the process. Read my blog to get all the story 😉!

Secondly, working with patients,  I do not only just address their unconscious mind. My approach to health is integrative, and I leverage my knowledge of: nutrition, herbalism, yoga and nervous system regulation (vagus nerve toning & heart coherence techniques).

Having suffered and most importantly HEALED from mould toxicity, COVID vaccine injury and MCAS , I know well that body and mind need to work together to allow healing.

If you asked me why I became an integrative psychoanalyst… I would say… because I love art and science, I love people and… I would like everybody to be able to enjoy their optimal health and build the life they want!