Anxiety Disorder Treatment

We have all experienced or will experience an anxiety attack sometime in our lives. It is as if life was going to end very quickly. We want to have all the answers, all the solutions, we can not take difficulties. 

My therapy will help you work on the psychic reality where anxiety arises. Fear to disappoint, comparing with others all the time, fear of things going wrong… All these show a difficulty to manage the psychical energy, lack of maturity. 

If you are reading this, you might have experienced or are experiencing anxiety. I will help you transform your weaknesses and give you tools to grow in life. My therapy works on the unconscious processes of the personality which lead you to experience discomfort (whatever you want to call it, stress, anxiety…) because you cannot manage some affective processes with certain people or situations.

Why do we experience anxiety? We tend to think that anxiety is something bad. However, anxiety is necessary. It is a warning that something is happening, like a temperature. It warns us about a danger, it protects us. The issue is when we feel it in the body and we feel it all the time. It is difficult to live in those conditions. That is pathological. It is not real. People who suffer from anxiety tend to have a very negative view of life, they are pessimistic. Why is that? Because they can not manage uncertainty. For them, is easier to think that the worst think will happen instead of having to wait and see what will really happen in the end. Anguish and anxiety indicates that in some aspects of our lives, we still behave as children.

 What we think about ourselves cannot help us because it is a deceptive appearing. All that reach our consciousness is an appearing disguised by thoughts, feelings and affects that we do not know but… it impacts our lives because we suffer from its effects. 

Psychoanalysis discovered that you know, without knowing it, the cause of your discomfort. My therapy will help you phrase, put into words whatever is causing your discomfort so that you can elaborate it psychically.  I will help you express, whatever is sickening you, because you can not elaborate it in a different way, so that you can move forward in life. 

Anxiety can show in two different ways. The traditional anxiety attack: accelerated heart beat, accelerated breathing, hands paraesthesia, sweats, excitability, anguish wait. Even the feeling of going crazy or imminent death. The other way of experiencing anxiety is the equivalent of the  anxiety attack. In this case, it is an anxiety attack “without anxiety”. Some examples of the equivalent of the anxiety attack would be:  asthma attack, bulimia attack and vertigo (when neurological cause has been ruled out). 

Anxiety as opposed to anguish is only psychical, there are no symptoms in the body. 

In order to do any new activity in life, we need to be able to tolerate a bit of anguish: every time I begin to write, to work, every time I have a new relationship, when I take a test,  when I develop a new idea, when I launch a business, when I lose someone… We need to learn to deal with anxiety, if we can not tolerate it, it becomes a symptom. We need to be able to be out of our comfort zone to achieve things in life and grow.

Anxiety and anguish disorder happen in relation with a desire, in situations where we are deeply involved, touched, in relation with important decisions and moments in life. 

If you experience anguish and anxiety, it might be that you are expressing in your body what you can not express in words. I will help you express your thoughts in words so that you do not have to express them in symptoms nada sicken your body.