Chronic disease (MCAS, mould toxicity, fibromyalgia)

Have you been from doctor to doctor and they say… you are ok? Your results are “normal” BUT… you have MANY symptoms in the body which impact your quality of life, energy levels and relationships. You are tired all the time, have digestive symptoms, insomnia… you are moody and your libido is so low! You might have tried many different diets (paleo, keto, vegan….) and, even if you manage to stick to them… situation does not improve. Having good mental health, a well-balanced nervous system, and overcoming trauma is key to enjoying good gut health: Your gut is your second brain!

You can take the best supplements in the world and hire the best practitioners, but if you don’t deal with emotional and trauma root causes, it will be very complicated for you to fully heal.

Good news is that Psychoanalysis is the right tool to address those unconscious triggers and unresolved traumas helping you get rid of those…unhelpful old ideas and way of thinking which have led you to feel sick for so long. Then you CAN HEAL.

Thanks to psychoanalysis we know that… reality is not what it seems. Thanks to the interpretation of a psychoanalyst, you will be able to change those behaviours that became habits and that way of thinking which has harmed you.

Psychoanalysis is a tool to achieve optimal health. If you want to loose weight and become fitter… have psychoanalysis. If you suffer from Chronic fatigue and lack of energy… have psychoanalysis.