Rethinking Fertility

The pandemic only made matters worse for anyone with a shred of anxiety who was considering kids. The worries led to increased interest in fertility preservation services, like egg and embryo freezing, in the past year. If you are a woman in your early 30s hoping to get pregnant in the future, you might be …

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Inflammation: stress and depression

If you are interested in health and lifestyle you might be aware that… “inflammation” seems to be a big thing. Why is that? It turns out that low – grade inflammation is the root of all diseases: from rinitis, celulitis to autoimmune disorders, cancer and neuro-degenerative ones like Alzheimer. Low – grade inflammation is below …

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Mental Health in Athletes

The Link Between Mental Health and Athletic Performance Is becoming more and more evident

American gymnast Simone Biles shocked the world when she dropped out of the women’s team final at the recent Tokyo Olympic Games. She went on to drop out of several other events as well. Originally citing a medical condition, Biles eventually revealed that she was struggling with her mental health. Despite significant backlash, Biles’ supporters …

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Stressful Life Changes

5 Life Changes Psychotherapy Could Help You Navigate

At my psychotherapy practice in London, I work with patients who would not be classified by psychiatrists or psychologists as mentally ill. Rather, they are just having trouble navigating significant life changes. I help them work through their difficulties by exploring different ways of thinking.

Dealing with eating disorder

The Psychology of Eating Disorders May Surprise You

Eating disorders are among the most curious in the psychological realm given that they involve something that is critical to life. We cannot survive without food. As such, it’s easy to think that the brain would have no problem keeping food in the proper perspective. Yet that’s not always the case. For people with eating disorders, maintaining a healthy attitude toward food is not a given.