Depression Treatment

Is it possible to overcome depression? How? You will probably know quite a few people who have suffered or suffer from depression. Research shows that a depressed person can go to the doctor with somatic complaints, mixed anxiety-depressive disorders or even nonspecific complaints. The pathology is then misdiagnosed and not treated properly. 

Depression signs and symptoms are: low mood and deep psychic pain, lack of interest in the outside world, loss of capability to love, inhibition of all the functions and decrease of self love. What we know today as depression has its origin in melancholia. 

70% of depressed people are under 45 years old, meaning they are in a period of their lives in which, they should be active, they should be producing a life. Working. Travelling. Building relationships. Depression is a disorder which impacts all the aspects of life: people who are depressed spend in bed more time that people suffering from diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders, back issues or arterial hypertension. 

Psychoanalytical treatment to overcome depression avoids emotional stress, physical wear and even financial stress not only of the patient but also of his/her family. If you are depressed and undergo my therapy, you will be able to continue with your everyday life. You will be able to build a life that you like.

Depression has big social impact. Effects of depression should be carefully studied to understand the severity of the disease and how important it is its prevention. As an example, today latest research shows the clear link between depression and cancer. 

Depression it is among the four most expensive diseases for society, along with Cancer, AIDS and respiratory diseases (above heart diseases).