Dealing with depression


We have all lost something we loved some time, a loved one, a dream, an ideal, freedom or we have moved cities, countries, families… In all these situations there is a risk of “producing” melancholia.

Dealing with Stress from COVID19

Emotional responses to COVID19

These past… weeks COVID19 has shocked the world in all senses. I live in London and I am Spanish (my family and many friends are in Spain – mainly Madrid). This article is closer to the experience / testimony of people in those countries. The unexpected super challenging situation we are in is testing our …

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How mental health is important

Mental Health: Think Differently

Meeting in a London office, 25 people from different type of backgrounds and ages in a mental Health training workshop. This is a real workshop which took place in Accenture. The trainer explains why she collaborates in the efforts of the company to reduce the stigma around mental health.

Maria Almedia | Psychoanalyst

How Psychoanalysis helped me

I Believe everybody has a story, this is mine: I studied Law & Business in a private university in Madrid. My friends and all the people around me knew very well what they wanted to do: most of them became successful lawyers and bankers. I worked in banking for a year and quitted my job. …

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