How stress impacts the body

How does stress impact the body?

Thanks to COVID and our “new lives” you might feel that the day just started and still you can’t focus, you are never fresh, you are not sure what day of the week you are on, exhausted but… haven’t done much. Sounds familiar? Watch out… you might be experiencing burn out 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Dealing with depression


We have all lost something we loved some time, a loved one, a dream, an ideal, freedom or we have moved cities, countries, families… In all these situations there is a risk of “producing” melancholia.

Dealing with Stress from COVID19

Emotional responses to COVID19

These past… weeks COVID19 has shocked the world in all senses. I live in London and I am Spanish (my family and many friends are in Spain – mainly Madrid). This article is closer to the experience / testimony of people in those countries. The unexpected super challenging situation we are in is testing our …

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How mental health is important

Mental Health: Think Differently

Meeting in a London office, 25 people from different type of backgrounds and ages in a mental Health training workshop. This is a real workshop which took place in Accenture. The trainer explains why she collaborates in the efforts of the company to reduce the stigma around mental health.

Maria Almedia | Psychoanalyst

How Psychoanalysis helped me

I Believe everybody has a story, this is mine: I studied Law & Business in a private university in Madrid. My friends and all the people around me knew very well what they wanted to do: most of them became successful lawyers and bankers. I worked in banking for a year and quitted my job. …

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