Inflammation: stress and depression

If you are interested in health and lifestyle you might be aware that… “inflammation” seems to be a big thing. Why is that? It turns out that low – grade inflammation is the root of all diseases: from rinitis, celulitis to autoimmune disorders, cancer and neuro-degenerative ones like Alzheimer. Low – grade inflammation is below …

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Stressful Life Changes

5 Life Changes Psychotherapy Could Help You Navigate

At my psychotherapy practice in London, I work with patients who would not be classified by psychiatrists or psychologists as mentally ill. Rather, they are just having trouble navigating significant life changes. I help them work through their difficulties by exploring different ways of thinking.

Dealing with depression


We have all lost something we loved some time, a loved one, a dream, an ideal, freedom or we have moved cities, countries, families… In all these situations there is a risk of “producing” melancholia.